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Internet Tethering using iPhone 3G - Introduction


3. The availability of 3G signal in your area. If WCDMA/HSDPA is not present, your network connection may fall to lower speed options, such as EDGE and GPRS. In any case, look at the signal indicator at the top left of the screen. I had an assumption before that Wi-Fi connection should be able to be shared the same way as 3G (look at the picture below), but further investigation using tracert confirms what Apple says that tethering is applicable only over 3G cellular data network. The tracert command execution reveals that my Internet request is routed via my 3G Operator's data network when I tethered my computer to an iPhone with active Wi-Fi connection.

Internet Tethering. Wi-Fi is ON, 3G is OFF.

Picture. iPhone 3G home screen shows tethering of a Wi-Fi connection

Command Prompt: tracert conniq.com - tracing route to conniq.com over a maximum of 30 hops; IP packet hopping inside 3G Operator's data network.

Picture. Internet request travels from this computer via iPhone 3G
through 3G operator network to a website.

4. USB sync/charging cable (i.e. Dock Connector to USB Cable) that came with the iPhone 3G package if you would like to tether over USB. Meanwhile, if you would like to tether over Bluetooth, Bluetooth radio must be present in your computer, either embedded or by attaching a USB Bluetooth dongle.

iPhone Stereo headset, Dock Connector to USB cable, and USB power adapter in the iPhone 3G box.

Picture. The Dock Connector to USB Cable inside an iPhone 3G box.

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