Connecting to the Internet

- In Connect dialog box that shows up, click Properties. On General tab, make sure Standard Modem over IR link is checked. Then click OK.

Connect dialog box for GPRS Internet connection using Standard Modem over infrared (IR) link   Standard Modem over IR link selected on GPRS connection properties window

Figure: The Connect dialog box with user name, password, and ISP's phone number textboxes.
In the Properties, check Standard Modem over IR link.

- If you have a broadband cellular connection using any 3G technology such as CDMA 1xEV-DO, WCDMA or HSDPA, you can set the infrared (IrDA) modem to its maximum speed. To do this, click Configure on your connection Properties (see above picture). On Modem Configuration window that appears, select the highest speed.

configuring infrared (IrDA) modem for higher connection speed

- Back to Connect dialog box, enter your password and click Dial to start a GPRS Internet connection.

GPRS Internet connected taskbar balloon

- An Internet connection icon was automatically created on Network Connections folder under Dial-up. You can change the connection properties anytime by right-clicking this icon, and then click Properties. To start an Internet connection, double-click the connection icon to open the Connect dialog box.

- You can check the status of your GPRS Internet connection by right-clicking the connection icon on the taskbar or on Network Connections folder and clicking Status.

Infrared modem GPRS Internet connection status   Infrared modem GPRS Internet connection status details - IP addresses and protocols

Figure: Connecting to the Internet using Standard Modem over IR (infrared) link.
When using GPRS, the displayed speed is always 115.2 kbps,
the actual speed is usually less than 56 kbps.

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