Possible connection problems for troubleshooting

- Drivers conflict. This might happen if you also install a third party software (usually it comes with your mobile phone from the manufacturer) to create and manage your cellular (mobile) Internet connection.
- Your mobile phone's infrared transceiver is not compatible with your computer's IrDA adapter. Some mobile phones aren't fully compliant with the IrDA specification and only provide infrared port to support connectivity among phones from the same manufacturer.
- IrDA windows (beamers) aren't aligned or out of range.
- There is an obstruction between the IrDA adapter on the PC and the IrDA port on the mobile phone that hinders the transmission.
- Your mobile phone is running out of battery. It might happen if you use the phone for a very long Internet connection because a mobile phone has a small battery and an Internet connection consumes much of its energy.
- IrDA dongle driver hasn't been installed or isn't installed correctly.
- Your location is beyond or at the edge of cellular data network coverage.

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