How to set up a direct Wi-Fi connection in Windows XP? (page 4 of 6)

Ad-hoc setup on the second computer

1. Open Network Connections folder.
2. Locate the Wireless Network Connection icon and click "View Available Wireless Networks".

View Available Wireless Networks from Wireless Network Connection icon

Figure. Viewing available wireless networks from Wireless Network Connection icon.

3. You will be prompted with Wireless Network Connection dialog box. It will show a list of all detected wireless networks within range.

connect to any available wireless network from the Wireless Network Connection window

Figure. Starting a wireless connection in one easy step via the Wireless Network Connection window.
For networks to appear on the list, the WZC service on Windows XP must be enabled.

4. Select the name of the newly created ad-hoc network. Click Connect.
5. Type the same network key as on the first computer when prompted. Click Connect. If you did not uncheck "The key is provided for me automatically" during setup on the first computer, leave the network key input box blank.

Network key input box in Wireless Network Connection window

Figure. Type the same network key on the prompt window to start a wireless connection.

Now the Wi-Fi ad hoc network between the two computers is connected. A message balloon appears on the wireless LAN notification icon on the taskbar.

wireless network notification icon on the taskbar

Figure. Wireless network status message on Windows taskbar (system tray) icon.

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