Bluetooth Profiles : OPP, FTP, and Sync Profiles

Object Push Profile (OPP)

OPP specifies how a Bluetooth device can push any object (e.g. wallpaper, ringtone, movie clip) to another Bluetooth device and how two Bluetooth devices can exchange Personal Information Management (PIM) data (i.e. phonebook, calendar, messages, and notes). OPP also enables a Bluetooth device to pull business card from another Bluetooth device.

Bluetooth Object Push Profile
Figure: Object Push Profile.
A PDA transfers an image to a mobile phone via Bluetooth.

File Transfer Profile (FTP)

FTP enables a Bluetooth device to perform file operations on another Bluetooth device and to upload or download files. This profile allows typical file operations such as browse, open, create, cut, copy, paste, delete, drag-and-drop files or folders. However, a Bluetooth device may be programmed by its manufacturer to restrict access by another Bluetooth device to only certain file types or file operations.

Synchronization Profile

Synchronization profile defines how to perform the synchronization of PIM data between two Bluetooth devices.

Bluetooth Synchronization Profile
Figure: Synchronization Profile.
A PDA synchronizes its PIM data with a notebook via Bluetooth.

Today's smart phones and PDAs are usually shipped with synchronization software package from its manufacturer. Software updates are often provided online and can be downloaded. ActiveSync and HotSync are examples of popular synchronization software.

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