How to set up mobile phone as Bluetooth modem?

Possible connection problems for troubleshooting

- Drivers conflict. This might happen if you also install a third party software (usually it comes with your mobile phone from the manufacturer) to create and manage your cellular (mobile) Internet connection.
- Bluetooth radio transceiver on the mobile phone hasn't been turned on. By default, Bluetooth is turned off in many devices.
- Your mobile phone is in non-discoverable mode or just came out of discoverable mode.
- Your mobile phone is out of range.
- Your mobile phone is having an active connection with another Bluetooth device.
- Too many wireless devices in your surrounding, especially devices that share the ISM band such as cordless phone, wireless LAN, and microwave oven.
- Your mobile phone is running out of battery. This might happen if you use the phone for a very long Internet connection because a mobile phone has small battery and an Internet connection consumes much of its energy.
- You move to dead spot, i.e. area beyond or at the edge of your cellular data service coverage or with very weak signal.