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Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on iPhone 3G and Windows Vista/XP Computers

Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on the Second Computer

10. You can check the connection status (i.e. duration, speed, sent/received bytes) during an active connection. From Network and Sharing Center, click View Status or from Network Connections, right click Bluetooth Network Connection, then select Status. If you click Details button, you'll see the IPv4/IPv6 configuration details of this connection.

Bluetooth Network Connection Status > General tab > Connection : IPv4 Connectivity (Internet) - IPv6 Connectivity (Limited) - Media State (Enabled) - Duration (hours:minutes:seconds) - Speed (1 Mbps); Activity : Sent and Received Bytes    Bluetooth Network Connection Status : Network Connection Details : IPv4 Address IPv4 Default Gateway

Picture. The Bluetooth network connection status shows a 1.0 Mbps speed and
a DHCP-assigned private IP address for this computer's Bluetooth adapter.

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