How to set up a direct Bluetooth connection in Windows XP?

Computer name, workgroup name, and USB Bluetooth adapter

1. To allow file and printer sharing, name each computer with a unique name but give both computers the same workgroup name. You can do this from the System Properties window. To open System Properties, go to Control Panel (in Classic View) and double-click System icon. Then on Computer Name tab click Change to input your computer name and workgroup name. You will be asked to restart your computer after the computer name and workgroup change.

My Computer desktop icon and its right-click menu       Computer Name tab on System Properties window

Figure: Defining computer and workgroup name from System Properties.

The computer name defined on this step becomes the Bluetooth device name for this computer that will be displayed on another computer or device screen when this computer is discovered.

2. Attach a Bluetooth adapter to each computer's USB port. A few Bluetooth adapter models connect via serial port or come as an add-on card. If this is the case, insert it to the right port. For the computer that will use third party Bluetooth stack, install the software first before plugging the adapter for the first time. Bluetooth adapters you choose must meet your distance and data rate requirements. Whether to buy a Class 1, Class 2, or Class 3 adapters depends on how far the range requirement between both computers. You don't have to pick Bluetooth adapters that support the latest Bluetooth specification (i.e. 2.0+EDR), previous versions (1.1 and 1.2) also can be used but with lower connection speed. To make the second computer a GN node as in our test, the Bluetooth stack that comes with one of the adapters must be able to provide GN service.

USB Bluetooth v2.0+EDR adapters

Figure: USB Bluetooth v2.0+EDR adapters, Class 1 with external antenna and Class 3.

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