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Internet Tethering via iPhone 3G How-To's
Internet Tethering Introduction and Requirements
Internet Tethering over USB Setup on iPhone 3G and Windows Vista Computer
Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on iPhone 3G and Windows Vista and XP Computers
WiMAX Basic Tutorials
Duplexing: TDD and FDD
Fixed and Mobile WiMAX System Profiles
Fractional Frequency Reuse
Handoff in Mobile WiMAX
WiMAX in NLOS environment
WiMAX in a Wi-Fi mesh network
Smart Antenna Techniques:
Multiple Antenna: from SISO to MIMO
Adaptive Antenna System (AAS)
Internet Access Guide :
Mobile Internet - Making a mobile phone as a modem using
Standard Modem over Bluetooth link
Standard Modem over IR (infrared) link

Bluetooth headset configuration on Windows XP (SP2)

Direct connection between two computers (PCs) using
USB cable
Ethernet crossover cable: connecting Windows XP to Windows Vista
Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN)
Wireless (Wi-Fi) ad-hoc network
Beginner's Tutorials
Networking Guide Networking Guide
Learn the networking basics, including the OSI Model, protocol, architecture, topology, cable, and networking devices.
Home Networking Guide Home Networking Guide
Discover all home networking technologies and solutions. These include direct cable connection, Ethernet, wireless LAN (Wi-Fi), phoneline (HPNA) and powerline (HomePlug) networking. And the basics of Internet connection sharing.
Internet Access Guide Internet Access Guide
Understand which network connects you to the Internet. Typical users only know their modems. Through this tutorial, you can know the "clouds" between you and the Internet. Explained here: ADSL, cable, dial-up, GPRS, WiMAX, FTTH, and satellite Internet access.
Windows XP Networking Guide Windows XP Networking Guide
Explore Windows XP built-in networking facilities. Specifically, networking features offered by Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2).
Reference Reference
Find out more about frequency and frequency bands, metric prefixes, modulation, and the IEEE Project 802.
Glossary Glossary
What is 4G?
Fourth Generation. Refers to the future wireless telecommunication systems that will deliver multimedia services (VoIP, video, Internet) at high speed (100 Mbps or more) over end-to-end IP network infrastructure and enable seamless handoff between mobile wireless WAN and fixed wireless LAN. Among popular techniques that will most likely make 4G a reality are OFDM, MIMO, adaptive modulation coding, and software defined radio.
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What is my IP address?
Internet connection speed test
Wi-Fi hotspot finder
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