Mobile Epidemic in 2014

mobile Internet era

Mobile browsing has become as integrated into our lives as the computer, CD player, and radio once were. No longer are web users tied down to a desk, much less the sitting position. With the advent of smart phones, mobile phones and “Pads,” users now have unequaled access through mobile browsers.

A Growing Trend

To get an idea how big the increase in mobile browsing has become, according to an article on, 200 million web browser users accessed the web via Opera’s mobile browser, with companies also offering increased live support online. This is an increase of nearly 50 percent from the previous year’s numbers. The huge numbers were not exclusive to so-called “smart phones” either. 15 million of those 200 million viewed the web via the Opera mini for non-smart phones. In June alone, over 115 billion webpages were accessed through Opera browsers.

Much of the growth is attributed to the access that has arrived on the continent of Africa, primarily Libya and Egypt. With the fall of their old regime and increased freedom and access, companies are quickly filling the information void. Pre-Gadhafi Libya was a repressive and tyrannical regime that kept its people ignorant and had few links to the outside world. Once the fall of the government took place, they experienced an increase of 323,000 percent in mobile usage- staggering numbers, no matter the circumstances. With new access to commerce and products in the high tech market, users are able to access information and communicate in ways they never dreamed of.

Thirty-six countries accounted for an increase that doubled the previous year’s use. Mobile phone users in developing countries are hungry for information, and the demand is likely to grow. Add this to the increase in demand and access in Libya, Egypt and other countries that changed during the Arab Spring, and you have nearly unlimited growth potential. People in developing countries can use the internet to grasp learning tools that were never before available. It has also been said that without twitter and Facebook, the Arab Spring would not have been able to happen.

On-The-Go Info

Being free to access information on-the-go is a huge boon for consumers, as well as businesses. Users want information and they want it in the palm of their hand. Most no longer have the time or desire to do lengthy searches using a phone book. Mobile platform users also find it important to check and utilize Facebook via a mobile browser. It is estimated that nearly all web searches and the majority of internet functions will be performed on a mobile platform by the year 2014.

Companies like are working towards making tools and resources that help businesses make the adjustment to the new landscape, preparing them for the clear increase in mobile browsing. Heightened demand for web hosting is a clear step in the process that addresses. Catering to the new boom in mobile technologies and consumer demand is becoming more important than ever before.

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Lance Overbay Lance studied engineering and minored in English. He has a love for all things Android, but appreciates additional platforms.