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Internet Tethering using iPhone 3G - Introduction

Internet Tethering over USB Setup
Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup


iPhone 3G home screenToday, we are presented with many alternatives of Internet access. The variety of Internet access devices and Internet access methods allows us to stay connected anytime anywhere. We frequently use computer (Windows PC/Mac/Linux, desktop, notebook/laptop, netbook) to access Internet. But at many occasions, we use other portable/mobile device such as smartphones with any OS (i.e. Symbian/Blackberry/Windows Mobile/Android) with large screen to surf the Web, especially while not staying at our desks. Both types of devices, computers and mobile terminals, can have independent access to Internet. And several options are available to provide Internet connectivity for these devices. The old dial-up over phone line has long been abandoned by many, although it's still there. The established broadband services, namely the kind of DSL and cable, or even the more advanced FTTH are around us and ready to serve our need to stay connected all the time. The latest trend is to connect to Internet wirelessly over Wi-Fi which has been proliferating and some sorts of mobile broadband, such as 3G/3.5G technology (WCDMA, EVDO, HSDPA/HSPA) and the so-called 4G technology (WiMAX or even the new comer LTE).

a notebook with Ethernet adapter/3G modem/Wi-Fi card, connecting to Internet via LAN/3G/Wi-Fi

Picture. PC connects to Internet thru LAN, WWAN (3G), and WLAN (Wi-Fi).

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