How to create a direct connection using Ethernet crossover cable in Windows XP?

Step-by-step Instructions

In this example, the first computer will share its Internet connection, therefore it will become the ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) host. The second computer will connect to the Internet via the first computer, therefore it will become the ICS client. If one of your computers is running a previous version of Windows, the computer running Windows XP must become the ICS host.

In the first part, the direct connection will be created using the Network Setup Wizard. In the second part, it will be configured manually via Network Connections folder.

In Windows XP, you must be logged on to your computer as an administrator to complete the step-by-step instructions below. If you are not sure, check it from User Accounts in Control Panel.

Part One : Direct Ethernet connection setup using the Network Setup Wizard

Setup on the first computer (1)

1. Open the Network Setup Wizard, and then click Next.

Network Setup Wizard

2. In "Before you continue...", you are reminded to make sure that you've installed network cards, modems, and cables, turn on all computers, and external modems connect to the Internet. Click Next.

Network Setup Wizard

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