How to create a direct connection using Ethernet crossover cable in Windows XP?

Troubleshooting tips

If you find no workgroup computers in Microsoft Windows Network (in My Network Places) or if you miss one or if it is not accessible and you find this error message "..You might not have permission..", you must check your Windows Firewall setting. Make sure that "File and Printer Sharing" option is selected on the Exceptions tab of Windows Firewall configuration window.

error message: The network path was not found

Figure: error message when one PC can not be accessed.

Other possible cause is Windows is still renewing IP addresses of one or both network adapters. If this is the case, wait for seconds up to a few minutes until Windows assigns an IP address to the network adapter in each PC. If you want to speed up the process, you can try one of these tips:
- On Network Connections folder, right-click Local Area Connection and click Repair or select Local Area Connection then click "Repair this connection" under Network Tasks.
- Click Start, then Run. On the input box, type cmd then click OK to open Command Prompt. Type ping [the computer name or IP address of the computer that you wish to query], e.g. ping PC-01 or ping If you see Reply messages, the connection is up and running.

to ping another computer from Command Prompt window

Figure: pinging another computer from Command Prompt window.

When configuring Internet connection sharing (ICS) you may find these message boxes:
- If an Internet connection that requires a user name and password was saved only for you (i.e. "Me only"  in the Connect dialog box), you would get this message "The user name and password for this connection were not saved for use by all users...". Click OK on the message box and in the Connect dialog box select "Anyone who uses this computer" under "Save this connection for the following users:".

Network Connections warning message

Figure: A notification message if Internet connection was not saved for all users.

- After setting up ICS on the ICS host, you might get this message "...your LAN adapter will be set to use IP address". This is because the Ethernet adapter on the ICS host is always assigned a private gateway IP address while before it was an APIPA address, i.e. 169.254.x.y. If the ICS client hasn't been changed from 169.254.x.y to 192.168.0.z (where x and y are any integer from 0 to 254, and z from 2 to 254),  you will lose the network connection. To renew the IP address of the ICS client by the DHCP server (the ICS host), repair the connection from Network Connections folder or ping the computer name. The last resort is unplug and plug again the crossover cable. Wait until both network adapters are set with IP addresses within the same subnet.

Network Connections warning message

Figure: A notification message when the ICS host' Ethernet adapter IP address will be set to

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