Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) : PANU to PANU direct connection

Connecting the PAN

After both devices have been paired, you are ready to start a direct connection between both computers. On the Laptop, right click Bluetooth taskbar icon, then click "Join a Personal Area Network" to open Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices window. You can also get to the window via Network Connections folder by right-clicking Bluetooth Network Connection and selecting View Bluetooth Network Devices.

Join a Personal Area Network from Bluetooth taskbar icon   Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices: connect to an ad hoc network (PAN)

Connecting to the Desktop using PAN service via Bluetooth taskbar icon.

On Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices window, you will find the paired computer under Direct Connections. Select Desktop and click Connect. Wait for a few seconds when you see a "Connecting..." message popping up. After that, the wireless PAN (PANU-to-PANU) is active and the Laptop is connected to the Desktop.

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