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Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on iPhone 3G and Windows Vista/XP Computers

Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on the First Computer

6. To start the PAN connection, from Bluetooth taskbar icon select Join a Personal Area Netwok or from Network Connections folder, right click Bluetooth Network Connection and click View Bluetooth Network Devices. On Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices, select iPhone PAN NAP (Network Access Point), then click Connect.

Windows Vista > Bluetooth taskbar icon : Join a Personal Area Network selected.   Network Connections > Bluetooth Network Connection right-click menu : View Bluetooth Network Devices selected

Picture. Starting a connection to a PAN server from Bluetooth taskbar icon or Network Connections folder.

Bluetooth Personal Area Network Devices. To use one of the Bluetooth devices listed below to connect your computer to a network or the Internet, select a device, and then click Connect. To add a device to the list, click Add. To add a Bluetooth device for other users, open Bluetooth Devices in Control Panel. Bluetooth Devices: LAPTOP Personal Ad Hoc User Service, RIZ-PC Personal Ad Hoc User Service, Access Points iPhone PAN Network Access Profile Network Access Point. Add - Remove - Refresh - Connect - Close. <hyperlink> What is a Bluetooth personal area network (PAN)?

Picture. Windows Vista connects this computer to the iPhone 3G as a PAN-NAP.

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