How to set up a direct Bluetooth connection in Windows XP?

Internet Connection Sharing (1)

18. To enable Internet Connection Sharing, on the ICS host (i.e. the second computer) right-click on the Internet connection that will be shared and select Properties to open its properties window. You can share any type of Internet connection (i.e. dial-up, GPRS, 3G, EV-DO, HSDPA, DSL, cable, FTTH, WiMAX, etc.) from Network Connections folder. On this example, a dial-up service is going to be shared.

If you have a broadband connection that connects to your host PC via an Ethernet card, then the broadband connection must appear under LAN or High-Speed Internet as a Local Area Connection. If your broadband account uses PPPoE and you log in via Network Connections (in many cases, login is done via modem web interface), then the PPPoE connection must appear under Broadband. In any case, right click your broadband Internet connection and follow the same procedure below.

Internet connection icon on Network Connections

Figure: enabling a dial-up Internet connection to be shared from Network Connections

19. On the Properties window, go to Advanced tab. Tick "Allow other network users to connect through this computer's Internet connection." And select the type of home networking connection (LAN) from the drop-down box. The drop-down box only appears if there are more than one network adapters installed in your computer. Click OK.
Note, if you don't have ICS options on the Advanced tab, the most likely case is your Bluetooth Local Area Connection hasn't been established. Try to reconfigure it.

Advanced tab on Internet conection properties

Figure: configuring Internet connection sharing (ICS) from properties window

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