How to create a direct connection using Ethernet crossover cable in Windows XP?

Part Two : Direct Ethernet connection setup from Network Connections folder

Defining computer and workgroup name and verifying the Ethernet adapter

1. Define computer and workgroup name for each computer via the Computer Name tab of the System Properties window. To open the System Properties, right-click My Computer icon and select Properties. The computer name must be unique while the workgroup name must be the same. The default workgroup names are MSHOME in Windows XP Home Edition and WORKGROUP in Windows XP Professional Edition. You can leave it or change it, provided both computers have the same workgroup name. If you make a change, you'll have to restart your computer. 

Computer and workgroup name on the System Properties window  Computer and workgroup name on the System Properties window

Figure: Different computer names within the same workgroup on System Properties.

2. From the Device Manager, verify that the Ethernet adapter has been installed and enabled on each computer.

Ethernet on the Device Manager   Ethernet on the Device Manager

Figure: The (Fast) Ethernet card or NIC is listed on the Device Manager.

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