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Internet Tethering over USB Setup on iPhone 3G and Windows Vista Computer

Internet Tethering over USB Setup on iPhone 3G

1. Make sure 3G is enabled on the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS. Activate Internet Tethering. Open Network setting screen by tapping Settings > General > Network on the home screen. Tap Internet Tethering which is turned off by default. On Internet Tethering screen, slide the switch to ON.

iPhone 3G screen: Setting > General > Network, 3G ON, Internet Tethering Off.     iPhone 3G screen: Setting > General > Network > Internet Tethering, slider OFF.

Picture. Network settings screen shows Internet Tethering off by default.

2. You are going to be prompted to turn on Bluetooth. Just select USB Only, because you will use a USB cable and turning on Bluetooth will quickly drain your iPhone's battery.

iPhone 3G warning: Bluetooth is Off. Internet Tethering will only be available over USB. Turn on Bluetooth to enable Internet Tethering over both Bluetooth and USB. Turn on Bluetooth. USB Only.

Picture. iPhone 3G prompts a warning if Bluetooth is off while trying to turn on Internet Tethering.

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