How to create a direct connection using Ethernet crossover cable in Windows XP?

Setup on the first computer (2)

3. In "The wizard found disconnected network hardware.", the network adapters not connected to their counterparts in another computer, will be shown on the list. Check "Ignore disconnected network hardware", then click Next. But if you only see your Ethernet card on the list, it means your Ethernet crossover cable hasn't been plugged in firmly to both computers' Ethernet ports or you might use a wrong cable. In this case, connect the right cable to both computers, leave the checkbox blank, and click Next.

4. In "Select a connection method", select "This computer connects directly to the Internet. The other computers on my network connect to the Internet through this computer." Click Next.

Network Setup Wizard

5. In "Select your Internet connection", choose an Internet connection that you will share. Click Next.

Network Setup Wizard

6. In "Select your private connection", choose the Local Area Connection that corresponds with your Ethernet card (NIC). You may select more than one network connections here. In such a case, Windows will create a network bridge between them.

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