How to connect Windows XP and Windows Vista computers using Ethernet cable?

Troubleshooting tips - part 3

The ICS has been configured (with the IP addresses of both connected Ethernet cards of and 192.168.0.x) but the Internet browser on the client computer still can't load any Internet website.
  • Check your Internet settings. In Internet Explorer, highlight Tools and select Internet Options. On Connections tab, select Never dial a connection and click LAN settings, the checkboxes near "Automatically detect settings" and "Use automatic configuration script" (under Automatic configuration) and "Use a proxy server for your LAN" (under Proxy server) should be cleared. You can also open Internet Options or Internet Properties window from Control Panel.
Users of the ICS client can't activate or deactivate the shared Internet connection.

Windows XP : Network Connections : The Internet Connection Sharing computer is not configured to let network users control or disable the shared Internet connection. This setting can be changed in the Advanced Properties of the shared connection on the Internet Connection Sharing computer.

Picture: Network Connections alert when user on the client computer tries to
connect to (or disconnect from) a shared Internet connection on the host computer.

If the shared Internet connection requires logging on with a user name and password, users other than the one with admin account can't use the Internet connection if the admin is not logged on.

Windows Vista : Network Connections : The user name and password for this connection were not saved for use by all users. As a result, Internet Connection Sharing can only dial this connection when you are logged on. To enable automatic dialing, save your user name and password for all users in the Connect dialog.

Picture: Network Connections warning when user name and password for
the shared Internet connection were not saved for use by all users.

  • This is because in the Connect dialog box, the user name and password was saved for "Me only". To allow all user accounts to log on automatically, in the Connect dialog select "Save this user name and password for the following users:" and choose "Anyone who uses this computer". To open the Connect dialog, from Network Connections, select the Internet connection icon/name, on the menu bar click Start this connection or right click the connection and select Connect on the drop-down menu.
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