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Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on iPhone 3G and Windows Vista/XP Computers

Internet Tethering over Bluetooth Setup on the Second Computer

2. Pair the notebook with the iPhone 3G. To start pairing, right click Bluetooth taskbar icon and select Add a Bluetooth Device from the contextual menu. You can also start from Control Panel, select Bluetooth Devices , then click Add Wireless Device on the menu bar.

Sony VAIO Z series Bluetooth taskbar icon menu : select Add a Bluetooth Device.

Picture. Windows Vista notebook initiates pairing with iPhone 3G.

3. Follow the instructions on the screen to add iPhone into the list of paired Bluetooth devices.

Pair with a wireless device. Select a wireless device to pair with this computer. iPhone Bluetooth. Connecting to device...

Picture. Windows Vista is pairing this computer with the iPhone 3G.

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