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Internet Tethering over USB Setup on iPhone 3G and Windows Vista Computer

Internet Tethering over USB Setup on Windows Vista Computer

3. The Network Map shows that this computer is connecting to Internet using Apple Mobile Device Ethernet as network adapter. This computer is assigned a private (LAN) IP address (i.e. 192.168.20.x, x from 2 to 254)  by the DHCP server (Internet gateway that bears a IP address) at the 3G operator site. This is the different point between tethering over USB and Bluetooth. Using Bluetooth for Internet Tethering makes the iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS function as a wireless access point (and router) instead.

Windows Vista Network Map: Local Area Connection 2 - Network 2. This computer (RIZ-PC) adapter - Apple Mobile Device Ethernet - is assigned a IPv4 address by gateway at 3G operator site.

Picture. The Network Map shows this computer is using the iPhone 3G as network (Ethernet) adapter.

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