How to set up a direct Bluetooth connection in Windows XP?

Starting a Personal Area Network

5. Make the second Bluetooth-enabled computer discoverable (default setting). Configure its service properties to include PAN service.

select Service Properties on TOSHIBA Bluetooth taskbar icon menu     tick PAN Networking Service and click OK

Figure: Enable PAN service if it is not on default Bluetooth service setting.

6. On the first computer, right-click on Bluetooth taskbar icon and select "Join a Personal Area Network" to open Bluetooth Personal Area Network window.

Joining a Personal Area Network (PAN) from Bluetooth taskbar icon

Figure: Right-clicking Bluetooth taskbar icon will open Bluetooth menu.

You can also do this by double-clicking Bluetooth Network Connection icon under Personal Area Network in Network Connections or right-clicking the icon and select "View Bluetooth Network Devices". Or select the icon, and under Network Tasks click "View Bluetooth network devices"

Joining a PAN from Network Connections

Figure: Joining a PAN from Network Connections folder.

7. On the Bluetooth Personal Area Network window, click Add to open the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard if the second computer hasn't been connected before.

Bluetooth Personal Area Network window

Figure: to add a Bluetooth device (computer) to a Personal Area Network (PAN).

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