Windows XP Networking Guide : Bluetooth wizards

When you plug a Bluetooth dongle into your PC (commonly via a USB port), Windows XP SP2 (or the latest SP3) will recognize it and automatically install it with the Generic Bluetooth Radio driver. In case your computer (mostly laptop) has a built-in Bluetooth radio, Windows will recognize your Bluetooth radio after it was turned on via a software application that came along with it or by pressing a button (switch). A Bluetooth icon will then appear on the Control Panel and the taskbar (System Tray). By right-clicking the Bluetooth taskbar icon, a set of Bluetooth device operations will pop up.

Bluetooth icon

Picture. Bluetooth taskbar icon.

The pop up menu guides you to:
- add a Bluetooth device using Add Bluetooth Device Wizard. This wizard is used to perform device discovery, pairing, service discovery, and install the necessary drivers.
- show discovered and connected Bluetooth devices.
- send and receive a file over a Bluetooth connection using Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard.
- join a Personal Area Network (PAN) that enables you to connect your computer to several Bluetooth devices in a piconet and access a LAN or WAN via a network access point (NAP).
- open Bluetooth Devices window. Using Bluetooth Devices window, you can add/remove connection to a Bluetooth device, set your Bluetooth-enabled computer to be discoverable or non-discoverable, show a notification icon on the taskbar, add/remove (virtual) COM ports, and check whether the generic driver is working properly. Bluetooth Devices also can be accessed from Control Panel.

Windows XP SP2 (or the latest SP3) with built-in Microsoft Bluetooth stack (software) can handle those basic tasks without hassle, but it doesn't provide all possible Bluetooth services (profiles) as defined in the Bluetooth specification. So don't throw away the CD that comes with your Bluetooth adapter, you might need the drivers and software application in the CD to override Windows XP (Service Pack 2) built-in Bluetooth drivers and software for performing certain tasks like setting up a wireless headset and browsing another Bluetooth device's folders.

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