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Windows XP Networking Guide : Troubleshooting

When you have troubles during a network or connection installation, help is near. Windows XP provides a link to Troubleshooting in device properties or when error happens in a warning pop-up window. A Troubleshooter will help you identify the exact problem you have by presenting you a series of multiple choice questions. It will then decide what you need to do based on your answers.

Help and Support Center

Picture: Windows XP Help and Support Center.

The Help and Support Center of Windows XP provides shortcuts to network Troubleshooters. From the Help and Support Center home screen, go to "Networking and the Web" section and pick "Fixing networking or Web problems". The available Troubleshooters can help you fix various network problems, e.g. modem, ICS, home and small office networking, file and printer sharing, network adapters.

Although Windows XP provides useful Troubleshooters targeted to a specific device or function, it couldn't resolve all the problems. Therefore, it is better to minimize problems in your network by planning your network and deciding what type of network you will create in advance, whether a wired network (i.e. Ethernet, HPNA, direct cables), a wireless network (Wi-Fi), or a mixed network. Draw a position layout of available computers and devices and make a checklist of all hardware you need before starting a network installation. You may need network adapters, hub, switch, residential gateway, broadband modem, cables and connectors. If you plan a wireless network, you will need a wireless access point. Also decide how computers in your network will connect to the Internet, whether through an ICS host computer or a residential gateway, or using a direct connection.

The following page outlines some common networking problems. But more complete and focused troubleshooting tips are provided in each step-by-step guide for creating a specific network connection.

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