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Windows XP Networking Guide : Windows Tools

Besides the networking wizards illustrated in the previous sections, there are several Windows XP tools that you need to be familiar with. These tools help you manage your network setup, configuration, monitoring, and troubleshooting.

Control Panel contains specialized tools. Besides networking tools, it also contains tools that control appearance, programs installation or removal, sound and audio devices, printer, date and time setting. In Category View, the tools are grouped based on their categories. The networking tools are in Network and Internet Connections category. In Classic View, you can click each tool directly without picking a category. And all directions given in our tutorials assumes your Control Panel set to Classic View.

Accessories contains shortcuts to Windows programs that comprise accessibility, communications, entertainment, system tools, and complementary programs. The Communications group contains shortcuts to Network Connections, Network Setup Wizard, New Connection Wizard, Wireless Network Setup Wizard, and Bluetooth File Transfer Wizard.

My Network Places explorer contains several Network Tasks:
- Add a network place task (Add Network Place Wizard) that helps you create a shortcut to a Web site, an FTP site, a network location, or an online storage space
- View network connections task that leads you to Network Connections. Network Connections folder displays all existing networks or connections.
- Set up a home or small office network task that leads you to Network Setup Wizard.
- Set up a wireless network for a home or small office task that leads you to Wireless Network Setup Wizard.

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