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Windows XP Networking Guide : Wireless Link

Wireless Link helps you manage your infrared connection. Wireless Link icon only appears after an infrared transceiver (adapter) is installed. To install an infrared adapter, your computer must have an IrDA port. You can check whether your computer has an IrDA port from the Device Manager or the BIOS setup menu. While desktop computers need additional IrDA adapter, most notebooks come with built-in IrDA adapter that appears as a small dark red window.

Wireless Link

Picture: Wireless Link

Using Wireless Link, you can:
- Display or hide the Wireless Link taskbar icon. This icon only appears if your computer has a built-in IrDA adapter or if you plug an external IrDA dongle and there is another IrDA device (e.g. an IrDA-enabled desktop, notebook, PDA, mobile phone, camera) within range. If your computer has an active connection with the nearby device, this icon will change to a pair of IrDA beams point at each other.

Wireless Link (IrDA) taskbar icon on Windows XP       IrDA (infrared) taskbar icon when connected

Picture: Wireless Link taskbar icon when there is an IrDA device nearby (left)
and when there is an active connection with the nearby device (right).

- Enable or disable sound notification when an infrared device is nearby.
- Allow or prevent your computer to receive files from another infrared device and determine the default folder for received files.
- Enable or disable notification when receiving files.
- Transfer images from a digital camera to your computer and determine the received image folder.
- View infrared device properties that include device status, driver files, and power management settings. Wireless Link (IrDA) Desktop and Control Panel icon on Windows XP

Wireless Link can be accessed through an icon on Control Panel, taskbar, or desktop. Wireless Link icon appears on the Desktop only when there is an infrared device within range of your computer's IrDA adapter. You can send files to an infrared device by double clicking the Desktop icon or the taskbar icon to start a dialog box that will guide you to select some files and start transferring them.

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