How to set up mobile phone as Bluetooth modem?

Internet connection settings on the mobile phone

- Open Connection settings (from Menu>Tools>Settings). Select Access points. On the Access points, select one that applies to your network. If your cellular operator network is not listed, select Select Operator.

Symbian v7.0 smart phone Menu   Symbian v7.0 Tools   Symbian v7.0 Settings

- On the connection details, enter the necessary information, i.e. connection name, data bearer, access point name, user name, password, authentication, and homepage.

Symbian v7.0 Access points Connection settings   Symbian v7.0 Access points selection   Symbian v7.0 Access point setting details

- Back to Connection settings, select GPRS. On GPRS setting, select whether your GPRS is always available whenever there is a GPRS network service (i.e. always-on connection) or only connect when needed. Also type in your access point name. Access point name here refers to the address of the GPRS gateway, i.e. hardware and software that connects the cellular data network to the Internet.

Symbian v7.0 GPRS Connection settings   Symbian v7.0 GPRS setting details

- To check whether your GPRS settings have been working, test the Internet connection using a browser in the mobile phone by surfing several WAP or Web sites. If it works, your mobile phone is Internet-ready.

Discovery Channel,, Wappy on Opera cell phone micro browser

- Get these details from your cellular data network operator (mobile Internet service provider): user name, password, and a phone number to dial your ISP. Very often user name and password can be left empty and the phone number to dial is the default *99# (GSM) or #777 (CDMA).

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