How to set up mobile phone as Bluetooth modem?

Bluetooth radio activation on the mobile phone

- Make sure your mobile phone is within range of your computer's Bluetooth adapter. Typically, a mobile phone is equipped with Class 3 Bluetooth radio. Therefore its theoretical maximum range from the PC is about 33 feet or 10 meters.
- Turn on your mobile phone. Follow the instructions in your phone to activate its Bluetooth radio, make it discoverable, and give it a name (optional). On our model phone, from Menu, select Connect. On Connectivity, select Bluetooth. On Bluetooth, turn it On, make it Shown to all, and type a name for your phone. At this stage, the mobile phone hasn't been paired with the computer as indicated on the rightmost screen below.

Symbian v7.0 smart phone Menu   Symbian v7.0 Connectivity Bluetooth  turning on Bluetooth, make it discoverable, and give it a name on Symbian v7.0  the PC hasn't been paired with the cell phone

Starting the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard

- Go to Control Panel (in Classic View) and double-click Bluetooth Devices icon to open the Bluetooth Devices window. A much simpler way to install a Bluetooth device is by right-clicking Bluetooth taskbar icon. Click Add a Bluetooth Device. This will directly open the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard without opening Bluetooth Devices window.

Add a Bluetooth device from Bluetooth taskbar icon

Figure: Bluetooth icon on the system tray to start installing new device.

- Check "My device is set up and ready to be found." Click Next.

Add Bluetooth Device Wizard start

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