How to set up mobile phone as Bluetooth modem?


- When connecting your computer to your mobile phone for the first time, you will need to pair both devices. In "Do you need a passkey to add your device?", select "Choose a passkey for me" to let the wizard generate a random passkey for you or "Let me choose my own passkey" to input your own passkey. If your connection takes place in a public space, security is a concern. Therefore, it's recommended to input a long and difficult to guess passkey (8 to 16 digits).

Add Bluetooth Device Wizard passkey (PIN) input

- If you select "Choose a passkey for me" in the previous step, the wizard will present an 8-digit passkey and ask you to enter the same passkey on your mobile phone. 


- On the mobile phone, you will be prompted to input the same passkey (a.k.a. passcode or PIN) as on the computer. You have only a few seconds and when the time expires you have to run again the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard from the beginning. After the same passkey has been entered, the mobile phone is paired with the computer.

passcode (PIN) request from PC on Symbian v7.0 cell phone screen   the PC is now paired with the cell phone

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