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KVM Switch
Picture: KVM Switch
A KVM Switch helps you control multiple computers and devices.
If too many cables confuse you, a KVM Switch product with wireless facility can help you.

If you have multiple PCs but want to work with a single set of monitor, keyboard, and mouse, you don't have to build a network for that purpose. KVM Switch is the solution. A KVM Switch provides interfaces to one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse, connectors for multiple PCs, and in some product versions it has several USB ports to connect USB devices. It is different with a USB Hub, since a USB Hub only gives additional USB ports to a computer but doesn't allow switching between connected devices.

With a KVM Switch, you don't have to buy one set of monitor, keyboard, and mouse for each PC you have if only you (or one person) use the PCs. Using a KVM Switch, you just need to plug all necessary cables then work on one PC at a time and toggle between PCs without having to unplug and plug the cables again. This scenario fits busy individuals who need multiple PCs for running multiple applications or technicians who try to fix problems in multiple PCs.

KVM Switch Facts
1. KVM stands for Keyboard, Video, and Mouse.
2. A KVM Switch controls multiple computers using one set of keyboard, monitor, and mouse.
3. There are KVM Switch products for mouse and keyboard with PS/2 or USB connectors.

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