Home Networking Guide : Connecting Peripherals

Peripherals such as keyboard, mouse, speaker, joystick, game pad, drawing pad, printer, and scanner are controlled and some also powered by a computer (PC). Mobile or portable devices such as mobile phone, PDA, camera, camcorder, MP3 player are often connected to a computer for synchronization or content transfer. To connect a peripheral or a device to a computer, you can use wired or wireless connection.

Wired connection is connection using a cable to available computer ports or connectors. The ports that are used for this purpose are :

serial (COM/RS-232), parallel (LPT), and PS/2 ports

Figure: Serial, parallel, and PS/2 ports

Serial port that follows RS-232 serial interface standard with DB-9 or DB-25 male connector. Serial port is also known as COM port.

Parallel port. A parallel interface with DB-25 female connector. Parallel port is also known as LPT or printer port.

PS/2 port. A 6-pin DIN connector for connecting mouse or keyboard.

cable connection
Figure: Connecting a printer using cable
Older printers connect through parallel port, newer through USB.

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