How to configure a Bluetooth headset in Windows XP (SP2)?

Special note for Widcomm users

Volume control on Sounds and Audio Devices Properties is inactive for Widcomm's Bluetooth Audio driver    Volume control menu is inactive for Widcomm's Bluetooth Audio

Figure: Volume control for Bluetooth Audio of Widcomm is inactive.

You had gone through these steps: device discovery, pairing, service discovery, and connection establishment, but then you couldn't adjust the microphone and speaker settings from the Volume Control window (opened from the taskbar icon or from Start > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Volume Control) or from Control Panel's Sound and Audio Devices. The Volume tab was inactive for both the microphone and the speaker. Most users were questioning why their headset didn't work. Well, the Bluetooth headset actually works and has taken over the function of PC's mic and speaker. Test it with any audio application, for example the simple Sound Recorder (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Entertainment > Sound Recorder).

Microsoft Windows Sound Recorder

Figure: Windows' Sound Recorder works with Bluetooth Audio of Widcomm.

We don't know whether the newer release has solved this problem. But many users with integrated Bluetooth transceiver in their laptops (from certain brands) or Bluetooth dongle operated by Widcomm Bluetooth software reported the same issue.