Bluetooth Profiles : Headset and Audio Gateway Profiles

Headset Profile (HSP)

Headset profile enables a Bluetooth headset to be used as an audio input (microphone) and output (speaker) device by another Bluetooth-enabled device such as a computer or a mobile phone. Wireless headset is the first Bluetooth product available in the market.

Bluetooth headset profile
Figure: Headset Profile.
A Bluetooth headset is a favorite handsfree kit for a cell phone.

Audio Gateway Profile

Audio gateway profile allows a microphone and speakers of a Bluetooth device (typically a computer) to be used as an audio input and output device for another Bluetooth device, such as a mobile phone.

Bluetooth Audio Gateway profile
Figure: Audio Gateway Profile.
A Bluetooth-enabled multimedia PC can be used as an audio gateway for a Bluetooth cell phone.

Audio gateway profile lets you make or receive a call using your mobile phone while working on your computer.

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