How to connect Windows XP and Windows Vista computers using Ethernet cable?

Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) setup : part 1

8. To configure Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), on the first computer which will become the ICS host (a Windows Vista PC), activate the Internet connection that is going to be shared. In this demo, the host computer is going to be connected to a broadband DSL Internet connection through wireless (Wi-Fi) link. A wireless connection must be created from the wireless adapter to a broadband modem/router/access point. Click Connect to a network in the left pane of Network and Sharing Center or click Connect to from the Start. In the "Connect to a network" dialog box, choose the wireless network name (SSID) that refers to the wireless access point and click Connect. If your host computer connects using an Ethernet cable or a USB cable to the router, just plug in your cable ends to the spare Ethernet/USB port on your computer and to the router's Ethernet/USB port.

You can verify that your network connections (both the direct Ethernet cable connection and the Internet connection) have been turned on from Network Connections folder. For easier identification later, rename each connection with a new name. In this example, they are renamed to Direct Ethernet Connection and Home Wireless Internet.

Windows Vista : Network and Sharing Center - connected direct Ethernet connection [Unidentified network (Private network)] and home wireless broadband Internet [SSID (Private network)]

Picture: Network and Sharing Center after the direct Ethernet connection
and broadband Internet connection turned on.

If the Internet connection is active, now you can see a complete representation of the network on Network and Sharing Center which consists of a simple network map without red cross (disconnected sign) on the lines and the connections names and descriptions. Multiple networks refers to two connections from the host computer (DESKTOP running Windows Vista in this demo), namely the direct Ethernet connection - referred to as Unidentified network- and the wireless Internet connection to broadband wireless router/access point - identified by its SSID. To view a full network map, click View full map. The map picture shows a link from a computer to the Internet globe via an Internet gateway device.

If you have Windows Live OneCare installed and turned on on the host computer, on the OneCare Firewall Advanced Settings' Network connections tab, the direct Ethernet connection and the broadband wireless Internet connection work on Home or Work Zone which follows the setting in Network and Sharing Center. Computers on "Home or Work" zone are able to see each other and access the shared resources (files, folders, printers, Internet connection).

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