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Windows XP Networking Guide : Windows Tools

Device Manager that is located in System Properties window on Hardware tab is an important tool that helps you verify your hardware installation. You can check which ports are allocated for your hardware. You can also see a device status, device drivers, and other settings. System Properties window can be accessed through System icon in Control Panel or by right clicking My Computer icon on the Desktop.

Phone and Modem Options is a tool in Control Panel that helps you add or remove modems, check modem properties, modem dialing rules, and Internet Telephony setting.

Internet Options helps you configure your Internet connection, security and privacy level, default Internet programs, and browser settings. Internet Options icon can be found in Control Panel. Internet Options also can be accessed from Internet Explorer, in Tools menu.

Command Prompt is a window that you can use to execute command-line instructions including those that can be used to test your network connections. The networking commands are ping to check whether an IP address is online or not, ipconfig to see IP configuration of your connection, and net view to see available computers within a workgroup. To open a command prompt, click Start, point to All Programs, point to Accessories, and then click Command Prompt. You can also open a command prompt by clicking Start, then click Run, in the Run window type cmd on the Open input textbox, and click OK.

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