Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) : PANU to PANU direct connection


A notebook with built-in Bluetooth radio running Windows XP Professional SP2 is going to connect to a desktop PC - also running the same OS version - equipped with an external Bluetooth dongle. Since both computers use Microsoft Bluetooth stack, both functions as a PAN user (PANU node). The ad hoc network will then work without a server. In other words, it is a client-to-client network, also known as peer-to-peer.

Bluetooth radio installation and verification

On the laptop, make sure that the built-in Bluetooth radio has been turned on, either by switching an on/off button or via a bundled Bluetooth configuration software. On the desktop, just plug in a Bluetooth dongle to a USB port. Windows will automatically recognize the presence of the Bluetooth radio in both computers.

As a proof of a successful installation of the built-in Bluetooth radio or the external adapter, you will find Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) under Network adapters group in Device Manager. You will also discover a Bluetooth Network Connection under Personal Area Network in Network Connections folder.

Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) driver on Device Manager on the notebook   Bluetooth Personal Area Network (PAN) driver on Device Manager on the desktop

Bluetooth Device (Personal Area Network) driver in Device Manager

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