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Windows XP Networking Guide : Bluetooth services - HID and HCRP

Keyboards and mice

The HID (Human Interface Device) service allows you to work on your computer with a Bluetooth keyboard and/or mouse. This service is used to connect a wireless keyboard or mouse to your computer.

To install a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse, you must first use your ordinary (wired) keyboard and mouse. Then turn on your Bluetooth keyboard or mouse and make it discoverable (visible) usually by pressing a button. From the Bluetooth Devices window, click Add to open the Add Bluetooth Device Wizard. Select the "My device is set up and ready to be found" check box, and then click Next. Click the discovered keyboard or mouse, and then click Next. Follow the remaining instructions to supply a passkey and start a Bluetooth connection.


The HCRP (Hardcopy Cable Replacement Profile) service enables a computer to connect to a printer via Bluetooth. To install a Bluetooth printer, use the same procedure as the installation of other types of printer, i.e. via the Printer and Faxes window. The Printer and Faxes window can be accessed from Control Panel. Under Printer Tasks, click Add a Printer to open the Add Printer Wizard. Click Next.

selecting a Bluetooth printer in the Add Printer Wizard

Picture: Installing a Bluetooth printer using the Add Printer Wizard

In Local or Network Printer, select "A Bluetooth printer". This option only appears if your PC is Bluetooth-enabled. If it is not there, you must attach your Bluetooth dongle to your PC. Click Next to start Bluetooth printers discovery and follow the instructions on the wizard to install the necessary driver.

Also see Bluetooth HID profile and HCRP.

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