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Windows XP Networking Guide : Bluetooth services - PAN

Personal Area Network (PAN)

This service is used to join a personal area network (PAN) or to connect to a Bluetooth network access point (NAP). To join a PAN, open the Network Connections folder. On the right pane under Personal Area Network, select the Bluetooth Network Connection icon. On the left pane under Network Tasks, click "View Bluetooth network devices". On the Bluetooth Personal Area Network window that appears, click the name of the device that you want to connect to, and then click "Connect". If there is no device in the list, click "Add" to install Bluetooth devices. A Bluetooth device must support PAN profile to be discovered and included in the list. If it doesn't support PAN profile, it will not be displayed as a result because this operation combines device discovery and service discovery in a run.

Bluetooth Personal Area Network wizard and Bluetooth Network Connection

Picture: Joining a Personal Area Network (PAN)

Bluetooth network access point (NAP) is a Bluetooth device that has a connection to (or part of) a LAN or a WAN (such as the Internet). If your computer has no connection to a LAN or the Internet, but wants to access the LAN resources (i.e. files, folders, drivers, printers, and other peripherals) or the Internet, you can connect your computer to a Bluetooth NAP from the Bluetooth Personal Area Network window.

Bluetooth Network Connection properties

Picture: Select "Change settings of the connection" under Network Tasks
to view or change Bluetooth Network Connection properties.

There are three device roles in PAN profile, i.e. NAP, GN (group ad-hoc network) and PANU (PAN user). Your computer running Windows XP SP2 can't assume a GN role so it can only join a group ad-hoc network that has been initiated by another Bluetooth device. As a PANU, your computer can access a LAN or WAN via a Bluetooth NAP, join a group ad-hoc network (PAN) via another device with GN role, or connect directly to another PANU.

Also see PAN profile and the step-by-step guide for creating a PAN.

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