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Windows XP Networking Guide : Troubleshooting

Some common network or connection problems are as follows:
- Wrong cables are used. For example, in Ethernet you must be able to distinguish a straight-through cable from a crossover cable. If you connect a computer to a hub, a switch, or a router you must use a straight-through cable. If you connect two computers directly, use a crossover cable instead.
- Connectors are not plugged in correctly. Although it seems simple, but it very often happens. So make sure every connector is tightly attached to a computer port or a wall jack.
- Naming problem. You must assign a unique name for each computer in your network and the same workgroup name for all computers in your network.
- Your networking device doesn't have the right drivers. Be sure to install the drivers that usually can be found in installation CD.
- Wrong TCP/IP setting. Be sure to follow the guidance given by your ISP regarding IP address and protocols setting when you configure your Internet connection. And when setting up a home network (LAN), each computer must be assigned a unique (private) IP address.
- File and printer sharing option is not enabled in a LAN connection or it is enabled but the folder you want to share with other network users hasn't been set up for sharing.
- Your ISP modem fails or your ISP network access server is down.
- Infrared devices are not aligned in a LOS (line-of-sight) position or out of range.
- Bluetooth device is not discoverable (in visible mode), not paired or out of range. Your Bluetooth connection also might be slowed by the presence of too many Bluetooth devices in its surrounding.
- A typo in wireless LAN name (SSID).
- Connection time out. A mobile device such as mobile phone usually limits wireless link for a certain time period to save battery. So during wireless connection between your computer and a mobile device, if within a time period there is not any data transfer, the link is dropped.

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